Sponsorship Program

Finding sponsors is a self-driven process.

We give you a proven process to follow. You do all of the work. In just two hours, one Associate recently found sponsors to cover her training fee and all travel and lodging expenses. You are fully responsible for the $675.00 training fee (whether or not you find sponsors), but you may use the Sponsorship strategies to attempt to offset that fee, as well as your travel and lodging expenses!

Where did the idea of a Sponsor Program start? We listened to you and came up with a solution. Talented teachers have had to pass up this training opportunity due to a lack of funds. We don’t want money to be the reason great teachers are not able to share the ideas of Time to Teach with their colleagues and students. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box and we will teach you how to pay for tuition if you are invited to join our elite team.

The sponsorship funding method is not a new idea for our company. We have used a similar method with schools who cannot fund the training themselves. Together, the school and community form a partnership. Our proven formula works for you the very same way that it works with schools. A team of sponsors funds and support you and you get to attend a training without paying for it yourself.

The #1 reason people give money is because they are asked. People will sponsor you and your quest to become the best teacher possible; we will teach you how.

What does the Sponsor Program download file contain?

When we say that all of the work truly has been done for you, it really has. Creating a team of sponsors to fund your training is as simple as sending out letters and emails asking for their support. Proprietary information has been written specifically for Time To Teach trainers to get their training paid through sponsorships. All information is specific to our program and your needs.

The Sponsor Program download file contains:
  • Sponsor Program Details
  • Leadership Magazine Article
  • Timeline Form List of 50 Sponsor Suggestions
  • Sponsor Donation Chart
  • Sample Sponsor Letter
  • Business Sample Sponsor Letter
  • Education Sample Sponsor Letter
  • Friends/Family Reference Page
  • “What is Time To Teach?”
  • Donation Reply Form
  • Telephone Call Script Sample
  • Thank You Letter
  • School Training Letter
  • Sample – Newspaper Ad Thank You
  • Networking Lead Chart

What sponsors should I ask to support my training?

The Sponsor Program file offers you a list of over 50 creative options for organizations, people, and places that have sponsored teachers and schools.

What happens if my sponsors do NOT give enough?

If you generate LESS than $675.00, you will have to pay the difference but can continue getting sponsors after the training. This is unlikely, however, if you follow the program correctly and give yourself enough time. People want to help teachers, schools, and students have the tools to be successful.

What if my sponsors give MORE?

It is very likely that your sponsors will give more if you follow the Sponsor Program. The good news is if your sponsors give MORE than $675.00, you can use the extra money for your travel expenses. Our company is built upon honesty and integrity; as educators, we hold the bar high. Please use the sponsor funds ONLY towards the Time To Teach training expenses. It is the right thing to do and we expect it.

Why are people who use the Sponsor Program successful trainers?

Networking is a huge part of any business and relationship building is the foundation of Time to Teach. By using our strategies and asking for sponsors, you have already begun the networking process.

Think of it this way: You will return a Certified Time To Teach trainer who has a team of people wanting to help you be successful. From there, let us teach you how to nourish these relationships, ask for referrals, and get school trainings. Your sponsors helped you get started and they will be proud to be a part of your future.

Listen to an Associate who successfully used the Sponsorship Program