Our Guarantee

We are serious about customer service

We are successful because we make teachers successful.  We regard it as a privilege to serve teachers on-site at their schools and are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our they are 100% satisfied.

We judge ourselves individually and collectively based on how our teachers are fulfilling their teaching objectives and how their students are reaching their learning objectives. Based on this commitment, we are proud to have achieved the highest level of teacher satisfaction in continuing education courses anywhere!

We have only one thought in mind when it comes to training teachers; and, that is we will do whatever it takes.  Following our trainings, your participants are invited to contact either the Center for Teacher Effectiveness or you for guidance, tips, help, or general questions relating to our program.

98% Teacher Loyalty!

Ninety-eight percent of teachers say they plan to attend another Center for Teacher Effectiveness training and will recommend our training to other teachers!

Why?  Because we measure quality not by inherent success or our program but by the degree to which those successes meet teachers’ needs.

We teach only programs that research has told us our teachers want.  We work closely with our teachers after the training to refine and enhance their classroom management, student behavior, and classroom feeling tone.