What Is Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction?

Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction (DI) is a consistent DI teaching method that helps teachers reach students who are unmotivated, unwilling, or unable to work.

That is why our training (hopefully your training) is in such demand.

As a certified trainer you will help us teach other teachers how to meet students where they are and lead them to where they need to be.

Using our nationally acclaimed strategies, you will help us teach other educators how to reach every student in the classroom – regardless of student profile.   Your audience will be proficient and able to:

Gain tools for promoting positive feelings in the classroom:

  • Explore ways to bring more of yourself into the classroom.
  • Use movement to stimulate positive affect and deepen understanding.
  • Learn fun strategies to ask for and respond to student feedback.

Discover strategies for stimulating attention and interest:

  • Keep students on their toes with a variety of randomization techniques.
  • Lead students to deeper levels of understanding through specific questioning techniques.
  • Rediscover storytelling as a way to draw students into learning.

Design lessons that are high on the “meaningful and relevant” meter:

  • Guide students to make personal connections to key concepts.
  • Use a fresh approach to visual images to stimulate interest and engagement.
  • Encourage input from everyone with brainstorming.

Help students build confidence and self-efficacy:

  • Prepare kids to respond on demand and under pressure.
  • Learn safe, fun ways for students to show what they know.

…and much more!

  • Reach students you’ve never reached before.
  • Facilitate deeper levels of understanding and learning.
  • Be better equipped to recognize and respond to individual needs and interests.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to enhance your learning and teaching effectiveness.
  • Have more fun with your teaching!

Time To Teach is an evidence based, highly successful set of strategies that tens of thousands of teachers are using and have been using for over four decades.   We have a motto here at Time To Teach that we strive diligently to adhere to every day:  “In God we trust, all others bring your data.”

Our research and data spans back six decades.  We have learned well all strategies proven to help children and teachers, which are verifiable and replicable and which are supported by all current and eminent researchers like Robert Marzano, and we have jettisoned all those ideas which do not work.

Suffice it to say, if selected to join our elite team of national trainers, you will have joined a team that is connected with important education history and tradition in America.

If you have adopted a reading, math, writing, or other content area program we will help your teachers to deliver that fine curriculum like never before.  No matter what program or philosophy you have adopted or bought our strategies will amplify the good in that program and erase any negatives that may be interfering with your teachers ability to teach or deliver the curriculum.

Our impact goes much further and deeper than on just student learning.  In addition to an improvement in student behavior following our training, schools also report 1) a rise in teacher job satisfaction, 2) a rise in student scores, 3) a decrease in referrals, 4) a decrease in dropout rates and suspensions, 5) an improvement in the feeling tone in classrooms and throughout the building, and 6) that our strategies have allowed them to finally achieve the systemic cultural change they had been seeking for so long.

We make others better.  We can help if you have invested time and money in a program that is sputtering.  We can help it to soar as you once believed it could.  Or, if you desire to use our strategies alone as total replacement for whatever you have now – if that is your wish – we are the best option available anywhere, in the world.