Five Core Components

Time To Teach trainings consist of Five Core Components:

  1. Promoting Positive Feelings Strategies
  2. Promoting Attention and Interest
  3. Promoting Connectedness and Relevance
  4. Promoting Self-Efficacy
  5. Sharing Best Practices


Promoting Positive Feelings Strategies

◊ Developing rapport with “bring yourself into the classroom
◊ Voting with your feet
◊ Target in the middle
◊ Concentric circles
◊ Asking for feedback


Promoting Attention and Interest

◊ Randomization
◊ Questioning
◊ Story-telling


Promoting Connectedness and Relevance

◊ Synectics
◊ What’s the story with?
◊ Brainstorming
◊ Nominal group technique


Promoting Self-Efficacy

◊ Dynamic tension
◊ Hot seat
◊ Extempore


Sharing Best Practices

◊ Using the matrix for planning
◊ Developing activities
◊ Developing assessments